Serplus is a natural nutraceutical. Its main active component is ultra pure natural Alpha-lactalbumin.
This unique nutraceutical has been developed and studied since 80' in Genoa University by Neurology Department Labs researchers.
Serplus formulation is a patented and registered as a food supplement, regulated by the Italian Health Ministry (reg. no. 07 19056-Y).
Serplus has a successful track record in healing and restore gut-brain axis health and physiological equilibria. A consolidated experience based on thousands of successful cases, along with several accurate clinical and academic trials permits Serplus to make positive changes in many people's lives on a daily basis.
Serplus has a multi-level action and it's effective both in healhy people and in several illness treatment.
Serplus first stage action can be resumed with a prebiotic phase, when the physiological pH of gut is restored and mucus secretion is stimulated. This permits to activate a healthy microbiota and heal from intestinal inflammation and leaky gut problems. This first step can have a cascade effect on gut-brain axis system. It is well known that an intestinal inflammation can migrate to other organs: so reducing an intestinal inflammation, may reduce symptoms of several deseases. Particularly, the inflammation of the brain is reported to be the pathogenic cause for several illnesses, so is the inflammation of sexual organs, blood, liver, etc.
Moreover Serplus, thanks to its unique properties and bioavailability can boost the essential tryptophan and correlated neuropeptides levels. Alpha-lactalbumin enteric actions are critical for the further brain growth of newborns, as the brain development depends on the bioavailability of encephalic serotonin. Several studies reports that oral daily alpha-lactoalbumin intakes can increase the brain synthesis of serotonin in a completely natural way. Studies report that the lack of brain serotonin can increase fatigue, depress mood, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, stress, chronic pain, etc.
Several other different omeostatic and biochemical equilibria can benefits from a Serplus daily intake.
We noticed that the endogenous processes of self-repair of human body start mainly from the intestine; Serplus is a highly effective gut treatment by extinguish inflammation, providing at the same time, bioavailable and essential tripeptides and aminoacids that are readlily absorbed by the gut, promoting biosinthesis of vital biomolecules.
Serplus is effective for prevention, healing and improving your health.



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