• what's inside?

Ultra pure Alpha-lactalbumin, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Inulin, Frucotse, Stabilizers, Flavour: caramel.

  • how can I use it?

2 sachets per day. For a complete action on the gut, we recommend taking on an empty stomach, at least half an hour before protein-based meals.

Pour contents into a half-glass of room-temperature water.

  • what is Alpha-lactalbumin?

Alpha lactalbumin is the main whey protein of human breast milks. This protein’s peculiar features lie in its exceptionally high tryptophan yield. Tryptophan is the only serotonin precursor and poor of the amino-acids that compete for its brain uptake (from blood to brain), i.e. LNAAs (Large

what are whey proteins?

Whey proteins represent an exceptional food: they are the main known natural source of branched chain amino acids, they enable an immediate feeding, they are complete of all of the essential amino-acids (i.e. the ones our body can not synthesize) and they enable an effective control of body mass. Whey proteins do not precipitate in stomach, and arrive at the gut completely demolished to peptides that freely pass through the intestinal membrane. Their demolition goes on in blood, until they become free amino-acids.

  • why Pure Alpha-lactalbumin is so special?

Alpha-lactalbumin has been selected by nature as intestinal prebiotics for man.

Human newborns receive this protein by breastfeeding as a unique neurovegetative and intestinal maturation promoter.

Alpha-lactalbumin’s main features are tolerability, digestibility, solubility, a high nutritional power, top bioavailability. It has the higher essential Tryptophan yeld than any other protein.

  • how it works?

Alpha-lactalbumin is responsible for the activation of intestinal absorptive/defensive processes, through the control of bacterial flora and the reduction of gut’s permeability, that is maximum at birth. Through these intestinal actions, it allows key neurotransmitters and neuropeptides to arrive at the brain: they modulate the newborn’s brain development. From its enzymatic demolition, 4 peptides with intestinal antibacterial action have been identified. It stimulates mucus secretion, the release of prostaglandins and it controls gut’s pH. Intestinal microbiota is sensitive to variations of 1/10 of pH units. Oral supplementations of Alpha-lactalbumin can increase serotonin brain synthesis and it's well known that a brain serotonin deficit is known to be the reason of many neurological symptoms.

FOS and inulin actually feed the intestinal cell, enabling it to better respond to Alpha-lactalbumin’s stimulations, that are useful to the growth’s support and development of an appropriate intestinal flora.

Serplus' special formulation has been expressly designed to improve intestinal dysbiosis, in a natural way, as nature has set up, thus favouring the arrival at the brain of key neurotransmitters and neuropeptides,  featuring brain control functions.

  • is Serplus a natural product?

Yes, it is completely natural, made with ultrapurified whey extract from milk.

  • is Serplus a safe product?

Serplus is made with a protein design by nature for newborns. It is completely safe. It is suitable for allergic, celiac, intolerant persons. It does not contains lactose o glutin.

  • Where Serplus is manufactured?

The ultrapurification od active principia is made in USA. The product is manufactured in Italy in a laboratory under permission of Italian Ministry of Health.



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